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So, first, let’s be clear that our jobs took a nosedive because Wall Street crashed the economy, because of Wall Street waste, fraud, and abuse, and our jobs went overseas due to NAFTA and other free trade agreements, which Barack Obama has expanded. So in fact it’s not immigrants that have caused problems in our economy, it’s rather these predatory economic policies fostered by an economic and political elite.

In fact, immigrants did not come to this country lured by jobs! The spike in undocumented immigrants occurred — massively spiked — after NAFTA basically put millions of small farmers out of business, and people were forced to migrate here as economic refugees in order to feed their families. So, we actually want to provide a welcoming and legal path to the immigrants who have always been the backbone of our economy, the backbone of the diversity that makes this country great.

Jill Stein, speaking on immigration in Democracy Now’s Expanding The Debate

(Is it just me, or is she the only candidate who is willing to talk about the relationship between NAFTA and “American jobs”, NAFTA and immigration? And she tells the truth — the only flaw I could find is that the “immigrants did not come to this country lured by jobs” line primarily applies to Mexican immigrants, which she didn’t specify. But, for some reason most people assume that anyway.)
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